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International Conference in Sarajevo

International conference "Emerging ecological issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Eco innovation as a Solution for Waste Water Treatment Problems " was held in Sarajevo at 28 May 2013.
The conference was attended  by  the representatives of the project partners, representatives of institutions from all levels in Bosnia and Herzegovina, professional institutions, local communities, universities, NGOs and SMEs, public utilities and media.

The conference is divided into three parts:

1. Waste water treatment – Present situation in B&H

a. Natural water resources in B&H
b. Level of water polution and treatment in B&H
c. Hotspots for intervention
2. Specific locations – Implications and sustainable development
a. Sarajevo – Urban drinking water
b. Konjic- tourism area
3. International praxis
a. Innovative approach to the waste water treatment
b. Clean river Miljacka (project results presentation)
c. Metris Plus/Eco Innovation approach

In the final part of the conference was a roundtable discussion on " Development of Eco innovation and Waste water treatment in B&H ".
Partners in the project and representatives of local communities in Sarajevo Macro Region visited Boračko Lake at 29 May 2013. Boračko lake and Neretva river belongs to the Adriatic basin and have increased need for wastewater treatment plants. Location was visited for the purpose of the analyses and definition of potential location for the implementation of Pilot that will be created in the framework of the project METRIS PLUS.

Conclusions of the conference and roundtable

1. There is a need for a coordination body at the national level in Bosnia and Herzegovina which relates to the management and protection of water (ecology in general), and for the European Integration process (negotiations, accession and harmonization of legislation of Bosnia and Herzegovina with legislation of the European Union).
2. There is a need for continued promotion of natural resources, water resources and diversity in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
3. There is enormous pressure of water pollution, especially rivers and protected areas with already irreversible consequences for ecosystems.
4. There is urgent situation in Sarajevo water resources area (Source of the drinking water for Sarajevo - Bačevo), due to the presence of different illegal pollutants in the protected area, such as septic tanks, stables and other pollutants. Moreover, the technical and technological limitations of the eventual cleaning of the underground water basin must be kept into account.
5. Local communities must be recognized as partners, but also the local communities must recognize itself as a place where projects should be implemented and problems solved.
6. It is necessary further development and proposing of the new projects keeping in mind that the technology solutions are available, classic and innovative, as well as results of other projects such as a project Clean river Miljacka (project SERDA) with an appropriate list of defined projects. Also, the wastewater treatment plant at the landfill in Sarajevo can serve as a basis for further improvement and development through new future projects.
7. The conference, once again, place emphasis on the importance of appropriate management and use of water in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the need for definition of priorities in this area.
8. For the use and application of innovative solutions in the sector of wastewater treatment further development and capacity building of the relevant institutions is necessary.
9. It is necessary to be examined and created report of the need for waste water plants according to established registry of urban and rural settlements in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
10. It is necessary to establish a monitoring system of soil in protected areas as an additional source of information for pollution control.
11. Education is an imperative, not only in the treatment of waste water but also in the proper water management, rational use and prevention of pollution. It is necessary, through the cross-border cooperation and other forms of international cooperation to learn best practices and new technologies that exist in the wider region and Europe.

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